Solar and Security Films

At Grafica Integral We have a wide range of Solar , Anti-fading, Security, Privacy andAntiGraffiti Films to provide solutions to the problems generated by the Sun or by vandalism in your business.

TheFilms for sun protection and Energy efficiency are an energy saving and heat reduction solution that will allow you to significantly reduce electricity consumption, maintain a better climate-controlled indoor environment and avoid reflections and glare.

TheFilms for UV Protection remove +99.9% of harmful U.V. radiation reducing and delaying discoloration of clothing, furniture, artwork or exhibits.

The Security Films increase the safety of the glass in the event of a break, protecting people from possible damage caused by the dispersion of dangerous glass fragments.

The AntiGraffiti Films act as a shield against aggressions (paint, acid …) protecting the outer surface of your glass.

The Privacy Films an help you greatly increase your privacy and protect you from prying eyes.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will advise you for free, non-binding.



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